Studio Setup | Studio

Studio Setup | Studio

Your studio partner needs the right gear to record, mix, produce and master your tracks and albums. From writing to mastering, whether it's a great demo or a radio ready edit you're after, we have the tools and technical expertise you need.


Acoustically Treated Mix / Mastering Room
Custom Made 2m Hard Wood Mix Desk
Yamaha MSP7 Studio Monitors

Emphasis is on reference-quality reproduction precision that lets you hear sonic details, rather than flattering sound. They carry on in the tradition of the venerable NS10M STUDIO monitor speaker, which was the definitive near-field speaker monitor in an overwhelming majority of professional studios throughout the world for many years from the 80s onward.


Tascam 2488 Neo 24-track, 24-bit recorder

Eight microphone inputs, four XLR and four 1/4", accept condenser and dynamic microphones for recording. A guitar/bass input is also available for recording directly to the 80GB internal hard drive.

Tascam US-122 Audio Interface

Microphones and Pre Amps

Rode NTK Valve Condenser Microphone

Like it’s bigger brother the K2, the RØDE NTK is a premium valve condenser microphone designed to provide incredible detail and warmth in the studio. Its cardioid polar pattern is perfect for most single instrument recording scenarios.

Shure DMK Series Drum Microphones

Industry-standard drum microphone and hardware kit features options for kick drum, snare drum, rack toms, floor toms, and congas.

Shure SM57 Microphone
TC Helicon Voiceworks Plus Rack

The TC-Helicon VoiceWorks Plus vocal processor has all of the features you need to make your vocals shine brighter. It continues on from the success of its predecessor, VoiceWorks, with an updated feature list including 4th generation TC-Helicon harmony technology, Voice Modeling, and the Transducer and iMod (micromod) blocks from VoicePro. A Burr Brown-based mic preamp, transparent pitch correction, TC Electronic reverb, delay and dynamics algorithms from VoiceWorks round out its capabilities.


DW Classic Series Drum Kit
Ziljian and Sabian Cymbals
Jobeky Pro Custom Electronic Drums

The Jobeky Pro kit is supplied with 10" x 5 " deep rimmed mesh toms, one 12" x 5" mesh hanging tom , 14x5.5" dual zone snare, all fitted with JDT isolation mounts, and ERT triggering technology providing faultless playability.

2 Box Open Sound System

The 2BOX “Open Sound System” gives you the freedom and flexibility to play any kind of sound on your 2BOX electronic drums. No matter what sound you need on stage or in the studio.

Ziljian Gen 16 Cymbals and Controller

Gen16 is a true hybrid system, blending acoustic with electric. It contains Buffed Bronze cymbals, Direct Source Pickups and the powerful Digital Cymbal Processor.

Ibanez SDGR Bass Guitar


Pro Tools 12 (Full Version)
Izotope Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools
Waves Gold Plugin Bundle
Waves Maserati VX1 Plugin 9.2.0
Waves Kramer PIE Compressor Native 9.2.0
Waves Center Native 9.2.0
Waves REDD Plugin 17 9.2.0
Waves REDD Plugin 37.51 9.2.0
Waves Manny Marroquin Reverb Plugin 9.2.0


Izotope Ozone 6 Creative Mastering Platform


iMac 14.4
I-Lock II
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