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2 October, 2019 Budgetting For a Home Studio

Dreaming about owning your own home studio? Wondering how much cash you will need to part with? It can be challenging to estimate how much you want to spend and weigh up different options and scenarios.

24 September, 2019 Guide to Mastering in Izotope Ozone

The Ozone mastering plug-ins can be used individually in a mix, or in a chain as part of the mastering process. In this article we will look at each module in turn and provide some useful information for those who are new to mastering.

1 September, 2019 Home Studio Mixing Music Checklist

When learning any new activity, it is difficult to keep track of the things that your learning are picking up and need to be carried out to assure a good quality end product.

29 August, 2019 16 Home Music Studio Essentials You Need to Know About

Having the best gear is not going to make you the best home recording, mixing, or mastering engineer. But having access to information, practice resource, a like-minded community, and understanding the skills required to take on a new venture are.

23 August, 2019 Top 17 Audio Mixing Effects for a Home Studio

Effects are generally used to thicken sounds, add a sense of increased stereo dimension, and probably most importantly help define instruments positions in the soundstage. Read about the top 17 effects in this handy article.


Nice site. esp love the book review of Mixing Audio.
- Edward Fienstein November 5, 2015
Are you available to master some of my demo tracks? How much and how long?
- DJ Grenede June 6, 2016
Great tip for the monitor distance set up. Is this still an equilateral triangle right?
- Jelboqu3 March 3, 2016


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