Book Review

Mixing Audio

Author : Roey Izhaki

Published : Focal Press

ISBN: 978-0-2405-2068-1

Mixing Audio, Concepts, Practices and Tools Chapters 7 to 9.

Chapter 7 : Monitoring

Before really getting down to brass tacks chapter 7, informs us of the importance of a good monitoring system. Ihzaki states "an accurate monitoring environment is an absolute mixing requisite". In other words, being able to accurately reproduce songs and instruments in our own environment is paramount.

Chapter 7 opens the more technical subject of studio monitors. While this is indeed an interesting and important aspect of how our sound environment is created the importance is less so if we have already purchased and are using studio monitors. We can therefore move quite quickly through this part of the chapter. That said, do take note of the interesting historical notes about the famed NS10s and Aurotone monitors.

Room modes are also covered along with explanations for standing waves, flutter echo and early reflections. The subject of room mode is as wide as it is deep but there is enough of an explanation here to make any novice aware of what may or may not be going on in their home or bedroom setup. And provide a great starting point for identifying and tackling the main issues of room mode.

Monitor position is also discussed. The famous equilateral triangle setup is presented in diagram form along with notes on the listening position, monitor distances, orientation and damping.