Top Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Top Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is my list of frequently used keyboard shortcuts for Avid Pro Tools.

Use this handly list to speed up your workflow and keep those creative juices flowing.

1. Fit Selection to Window

alt + F

Figure 1 : Section Select

Figure 2 : Section Zoom

2. Zoom All (Horizontal)

alt + A

Figure 3 : Zoomed in on clip

Figure 4 : Clip fits to window

3. Separate Clip

ctrl + E

Figure 5 : Select clip

Figure 6 : Separate

4. Mute Clip

ctrl + M

Figure 7 : Mute clip

5. Send all Selected Tracks to Same Bus

shift + alt

6. Track Height Up

start +

7. Track Height Down

start +

8. Zoom All (Vertical)

ctrl + start + alt+

9. Cursor Up

start + P

10. Cursor Down

start + ;

11. Create Group

ctrl + G

12. Consoloidate Clips

shift + alt + 3

13. Create Memory Location

enter on keypad

14. Toggle Mix and Track Windows

ctrl + +

15. Fade and Crossfade

ctrl + F

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